Project Details

Client: EVE

Date: May 14, 2021


The future is ours! We want to change the way technology is made. THE ROAD TO VICTORY: “BLAH. MEH. UGH.” We were completely dissatisfied with all the poorly designed, underperforming and overpriced devices available in the market. So we decided to challenge the industry Goliaths. And with that, EVE WAS BORN Over the past years we worked with some amazing partners to make our dream a reality and bring a high-value, affordable devices to the market. THE END.
While we got a lot of great feedback, we noticed people started to pick on particular details and how the devices could be improved… That got us thinking WHAT IF... Instead of guessing what people want we actually asked them instead? EUREKA! “PYRAMID FLIPPER” We named our project Pyramid Flipper because unlike the traditional corporate pyramid with management on top and customers at the bottom, our approach placed end users on top and all the corporate bull@$#! at the bottom. With this direction, we started working on the community with plans to launch it in 2 weeks! 6 months later :) EVE.COMMUNITY IS LIVE! EVE STARTED A REVOLUTION, NOT FOR THE PEOPLE BUT BY THE PEOPLE.

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