Project Details

Client: K-SWISS

Date: December 9, 2017


Following the recent launch of the K-Swiss brand campaign ‘Generation K’, celebrating the next generation of entrepreneurs, K-Swiss is excited to announce the world’s first signature sneaker for an entrepreneur, with social media powerhouse and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (‘Gary Vee’). Based on the insight that ‘entrepreneurs are the new heroes’, K-Swiss partnered with Gary Vee on two sneaker styles bearing his signature and personal design input, a distinction traditionally limited to athletes.
“Since working with K-Swiss, people keep asking me when my sneaker is coming out,” said Gary Vee. “Well, it’s here and it’s going to be the must-have sneaker for the true hustlers. Basketball players and football players have signature sneakers, so why not entrepreneurs?” “The reaction to our Generation K campaign proved the concept that young peoples’ aspirations have changed,” said Barney Waters, President for K-Swiss. “They’re no longer basing success on who can run the fastest, but by who is the most successful, who has the most hustle, who’s a boss.”

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